Goutam Ghose was born on 24th July 1950 in Calcutta, India to Santana and Prof. Himangshu Kumar Ghose. He grew up in Calcutta in an upper middle class nuclear family made up of his parents and his three brothers. His father hailed from Faridpur, now in Bangladesh, his mother Santana’s family hailed from Bikrampur, Dhaka but had later settled in Yangon, Burma. His mother’s family was well settled in Yangon and then in Calcutta but his father’s family had crossed the border just before the partition of India and landed up in Calcutta to seek refuge, leaving behind a life of prosperity and security. His father tried his hand unsuccessfully at many businesses and ended up as a respected professor of English literature. Like scores of people who crossed the border to find a new life after the partition, Ghose’s paternal family struggled in an unknown city to carve out a niche for themselves. Despite hardships and the trauma and struggle of redefining one’s identity, the family kept their cultural heritage alive. His mother’s family was also deeply inclined to music. Ghose grew up amidst an array of cultural activities at home – plays, music recitals, magic shows. From a very tender age he got together his young cousins and put up various plays and shows at the family courtyard, writing and directing them.

He was sent to kindergarten to the St John’s Diocesan School (now an all girls school). He studied their till class 4 and then moved to the neighboring Cathedral Missionary Boy’s School. He graduated from the Calcutta University.

On his 10th birthday he received a Kodak Brownie Box Camera from his uncle. Thus started his journey into a world of images. He’d spent hours looking through the viewfinder, even when there was no film in it, searching for that perfect frame. A combination of theatre, music and photography shaped his mind as a filmmaker. While in college, he made a short fiction film in 8mm with the actors of his theatre group.

After college he worked as a photo journalist for a while and then as an Ad filmmaker in Image India under the guidance of Mr. Shanti Choudhury. He then went on to make some award winning documentary films and then made his first feature film Maa Bhoomi in 1978. Since then he has made a number of celebrated feature films as well as documentaries.

He’s also a national award winning cinematographer. He has also scripted most of his films and scored for them. He is a passionate traveler and loves cooking. His love for food led him to open the successful chain of Bengali restaurants – Bhojohari Manna – with his equally passionate friends.

Ghose lives in Calcutta with his wife Neelanjana and their two children Anandi and Ishaan